Ne-waza name Brazilian jiu-jitsu

The Japanese don’t own jiujitsu

The Brazilian don’t own the jiujitsu

And the Americans don’t own jiujitsu

Nobody owns jiujitsu/martial art

The reason we call it Brazilian jiu-jitsu is because the Gracie family (who are Brazilian) decided to teach a jiujitsu focused on the ne-waza with no striking so they had to distinguish them from jiujitsu, judo. With out the Gracie we wouldn’t be doing the jiujitsu we know and love, and because of politics they decided to call it Brazilian instead of Gracie. Calling something after a country, no matter the good intentions you have, unfortunately brings nationalism and creates division, this helps nobody (people called gringo in the past).

I consider my self an Ne-waza expert and if you want to help jiujitsu grow you should try to do everything to unite the community and keep nationalism feeling outside of the martial art jiujitsu, so we can learn, promote the sport and make more money together 😉.

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