Benefits of Sambo

Sambo originates in Russia and is shortened version of “Samozashchita Bex Oruzhiya”and translates as weaponless self defense. The martial art is also a popular sport in Russia and was developed during the early 20th century when Russia was still known as the Soviet union. The martial art has been designed by studying a variety of indigenous fighting styles from across the world. The martial arts derives inspiration from Chinese, Japanese, Indian, European, Russian, African and American fighting styles. The martial art has evolved over the years and has refined itself into a formidable style of fighting and includes principles that can be found in any martial art style.

Improve your strength

Taking on a bigger opponent is always a challenging task. it is also considered as one of the most complete forms of workouts for your muscles. While martial arts such as Sambo certainly make use of grappling and striking and other fighting techniques to gain an upper hand in combat, you will still be exerting a lot of pressure on your muscles as even your opponent would be using the same set of techniques against you. You will be putting your muscles up against those of your opponent. Which means you need to work very hard to resist their attacks. This will help you gain strength better than any other form of martial art with ease

Increase your flexibility

Sambo is a martial art that re,uires you to move very quickly and move your body in ways unimaginable to evade any attacks from your opponent& quickly identify weak spots and gain an upper hand in the combat. as a result stretching is an important component of practicing Sambo.

Gain cardiovascular strength

Sambo fight is considered to be among the most shortest yet highly intense cardiovascular workouts you may come across. You will be using all the large muscle groups at the same time with full effort in overcoming the opponent as early as possible. While most Sambo fights may last only for as much as 6 minutes you will find that the heart rates of both the opponents would have easily crossed 165bpm in such a short time. This is something that most athletes achieve when training for endurance. But is a common practice for Sambo and this is the reason why Sambo wrestlers have such excellent cardiovascular health. Finally you should note that Sambo is an effective way to get in shape while having loads of fun. Sambo is also the right martial art for you if you want to quickly become lean agile and strong without spending countless hours in the gym with weights and resistance bands running on treadmills and so on. In addition to this Sambo was designed to train the special services of the Russian lilitary and as a result includes a set of high standards of discipline and other principles that mate Sambo one of the most formidable forms of martial art invented so far.

To stand up for yourself

Sambo is heavily dependent on technique rather than brute strength& especially the self defense version of Sambo.  So if you master Sambo you will be able to defend yourself against a sudden stronger attacker in real life on the basis of technique. Also Sambo teaches you to defend yourself against weapons. Though there are no weapons involved the sport can certainly help over power someone with a weapon. Sambo also teaches you strikes and how to use them in practical situations rather than as an elaborate form in a martial art style. Anyone can learn Sambo irrespective of gender or age.

Mental strength

Not only does Sambo help its practitioners keep fit and stay healthy& it plays a major role in a person mental well being.  Student develops the ability to take on the challenges of life in a brave manner. Also it tests your ability to persevere, stay focused and determined. Beating stress is another advantage of learning the sport. The martial art also teaches you leadership qualities and conflict resolution techniques.

Supplements other arts

If you are already into some other martial art form Sambo can help you improve your game in leaps and bounds because of the various techniques involved in this Russian form.

It’s all about respect

Sambo teaches a practitioner to treat the opposition with respect. This will stand the student in good stead when it comes to other walks of life too.


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