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Riccardo Carminati BJJ Battalion

What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention.Coach Riccardo at BJJ Battalion is one of the best coaches I have been fortunate enough to train with. He really cares about his students, very encouraging and motivating, he makes training something so difficult to be fun. You will learn so much from him and have fun. He is very respectful of his students and especially female students. He makes begginers feel very welcome. Thank you Riccardo for taking time to teach me...

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BJJ Battalion is a welcoming, friendly and inclusive school, perfect for both beginners and the pros! Lots of high level jiu jitsu broken down into manageable and easy understandable techniques. Riccardo is awesome!

Zeyna Shah


Riccardo is great coach that pays attention to detail and each students needs and goals !

Enrique Matute

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Riccardo is an awesome teacher, he has competed on the world stage in Sambo and BJJ two of the toughest sports. Anyone would be lucky to be able to learn from him and his experiences!iences!

Dainis Nguyen


Highly professional and yet very friendly environment. You feel at ease whatever your level is. An enthusiastic and competent instructor. If you are looking for a great place to train, you will find this and much more.

Federico Carminati


I was only able to instruct there briefly due to other commitments but would absolutely recommend this club for friendly, no pressure atmosphere and quality KB and Grappling instruction. Master Stefan is open and forthright and makes classes enjoyable for all levels, including competitive, but there's no pressure to become a fighter. His world class level knowledge is readily apparent as is his welcoming presence to anyone that comes in the door. All the best!

Zandar X


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